A High-Tech Breakthrough in Odor Absorption That Leaps Well Beyond The Performance of the Old-Style Clumpable and Clay Litters.

This is not some high-profit low-performing litter made from by-products such as corn/cobs, pine shavings, old newspapers or walnut shells.These pearlescent crystals are made from a natural earth mineral processed in a special way.

This new space age technology

Completely Eliminates Odor!


FreshMagic! A cat litter that really does eliminate odor completely, not like some products that fail to deliver on their promises or make some sorry attempt to disguise bad odor with scent. FreshMagic creates an odor-free environment that represents the natural elegance of your home, your family and your cat. We promise!!

Original Round Style
New Chunk Style
Specially designed for
Automatic (Electric) Litterboxes

Ideal for
Standard Litterboxes


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